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if. if. if. if. he. welcome to the show where we get the real headlines with none of the mercy or can you live out of washington d.c. fallout from the earthquake in japan you've heard about the physical damage from this massive disaster but we're going to tell you how this could affect the global economy and it's a battle between two media outlets and personalities new york times takes on the huffington post claiming the only one of these two is the king when it comes to media royalty so who's the winner we're going to find out and i do you consider
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gays to be second class citizens we'll speak with a man who use of that explanation to get himself out of jury duty and he'll join us to tell us just say why he thinks he isn't considered equal then is joe biden was visiting with russian heads of state and talking about recess and national intelligence director james clapper claim that russia and china are mortal threats to the united states so which one is it and we would like to toast our friday with a dose of happy hour with discuss the latest dating sites and there's even one school in florida who is redefining the term hot for teacher details on all that and more in tonight's show but first let's move on to our top story. a catastrophic eight point nine earthquake struck off the coast of japan today followed by a devastating tsunami battered many regions of the country now officials estimate that thousands are dead and thousands more are missing and throughout the day we've seen devastating pictures of cars being swept off highways by powerful water and people literally running for their lives the biggest damage was to the port city of
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sendai in the northeastern part of the country and the closest major city to the epicenter japan has also issued a state of emergency over radiation leak at a nuclear plant and it's not only a tragedy for those whose lives have been lost but also could be for japan's future famed economist nouriel roubini said the business quake is the worst thing that can happen to japan the worst time and japan has one of the highest debt levels in the industrialized world and predictions are already coming in and this could be one of the costliest earth cost. earthquakes in world history so how would you pan pay and how's it going to go from global economic recovery here to discuss revenues at harrison the founder of the web site credit write down dot com thanks so much for being here tonight now you know obviously it's too soon to really know exactly how this is going to affect anything earth which has happened but i think that we can a first start to talk about some of the differences right especially if you compare with the earthquake in haiti if you compare earthquakes massive disasters in
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developed vs undeveloped countries in haiti we saw a massive loss when it comes to you know loss of life in these more developed countries like japan is the whole greater on the economic front. you know one potential earthquake to look at is indonesia because of the whole tsunami and we saw two hundred thousand people in the region very close to. so definitely much more loss of life but the economic toll is going to be very large. if you look at the devastation in terms of loss production that not just loss of lives but the production of the building the roads it's going to be an enormous task for them to be able to rebuild but some are saying larry summers for example today said that ironically this could also mean more investment because that means that more international firms you know contractors are going to be asked to come in and to rebuilt you know it's almost like the broken window syndrome where i just
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take my rock and i go break a window and therefore you have to fix the window and that creates g.d.p. i don't buy into that whatsoever i think there's an opportunity cost obviously whenever you have something like this happen so what's going to happen is over the short term at a minimum you have lost production. people won't be able to work roads will be snarled it will be close to the whole the whole bit now they were in a recession for three months already so you know that's going to be very negative over the short term. over the medium term a lot of the things that summers is talking about is that they are actually true you're going to have a lot of a lot more production in order to get them themselves back up to speed but the reality is is that you know there's an opportunity cost to you know they're not going to be able to invest in other places and i think that's going to have a big impact on markets around the world the japanese are huge exporters of capital so when you see them investing a lot in their own society in order to do this that means that they won't have as
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much capital to export and we already saw the markets being affected today many of them went down but also what wins out is oriel price is the third largest consumer of oil on the planet after the u.s. and china so it's not almost going to be a good thing to the skyrocketing oil prices that we've seen lately you know it's early days yet so we can't really say what's going to. i think china is probably the driving force there so on the margin yes this could have some impact but i think at the end of the day you know it's what's happening in places like china india brazil they're going to drive the oil prices and of course we're still seeing an arrest in the middle east we're still seeing a day of rage that wasn't quite as rageful as many expected in saudi arabia today but that's different playing into everyone's minds some people are saying now that the japanese could start selling off all their u.s. securities in order to in order to gather more money that might happen i don't
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think they're going to sell off their securities per se. just dumping treasuries in order to go back but that's exactly what i was talking about in terms of the capital export is that they have to worry about being able to rebuild their society and that means that they're not going to be exploiting capital and that's going to be them and how might that impact the u.s. it might impact the u.s. by reducing liquidity for the u.s. treasury markets as you indicated at the margin they're not going to be buyers of treasuries as. much as they were before and that's going to have an impact potentially. now you know we're also saying that how else could japan really pay for this here i was saying earlier that they also have you know one of the highest debts of industrialized nations in the world so we're really going to get this money from well the business saves a lot and you know they have a huge. current account surplus so japan has the money to pay for it's just that that money is going to be you know used at home as opposed
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to abroad is one thing i want to mention if we switched from japan to what's happening here right now we're having a budget showdown between republicans and democrats a lot of the things that republicans decided to cut in their in their budget actually happens to be the pacific tsunami warning center and here we are having tsunami warnings you know all along the western coast in hawaii you know we're almost at twenty twelve i would think that these things well i think it shows you that you know my personal view on the budget but it is that you know. not the. fiscal austerity you potentially risky but right there we can see when you start just taking a hatchet everything you start cutting things that you really don't want to because . i thank you very much for joining us and of course like i said it is too soon to really tell how this might affect the economy and global markets but in the
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meantime let's hope that everyone does find their family and friends my thanks. now still to come tonight is the game making a second profit isn't here in the u.s. were to speak of a new york man who got out of jury duty after saying that he couldn't be impartial on the case because he's got another feud is brewing between the huffington post and the new york times the times claims that it's full of gossip can still work on real journalists shows up in case or is this just a battle between you and old media but i think the subject this. this return. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right here. i think. either one well. we have a god that shows there keep him safe get ready because of the freedom. they
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charge in here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture a. new website with twenty four seven live streaming news times what to do about the ongoing financial hurricane unlimited three high quality videos for download.
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and stories you never saw on mainstream news. media so. we took a little something. personal on our team just stand. by guys welcome michel ancel on the ellen show with part of our guest start to sound the topic now i want to hear audio just go on to you tube does video on our twitter profile of the questions that we post on you tube every monday and on thursday the show long response is really. today we have another update frankly and infuriating ron to bring you on the homeland security is attack on websites and the past week told you about how badly ice working the with the department of homeland security has screwed up by taking down wrong websites leaving up a message accusing innocent sites of child pornography and now they've done it
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again this time in efforts to curb copyright infringement on the internet let me explain here a web site called channel surfing dot net was set up to a link people to other web sites where then they can watch online streams of t.v. shows and sports programs so you get it's a web site it's linking you to other web sites where you can watch streaming videos you know where in there is any mention of downloading at all the issue at hand when i slurred about channel surfing gotten they shut down the site with their typical scary eagle and f.b.i. homeland security warnings and then they arrested the pages owner and charged him with criminal copyright infringement so brian mccarthy is facing up to five years behind bars for charges that technically speaking don't even apply to him now luckily for mccarthy the group to man progress is standing up for the wrongly accused and they're sending around a petition to get ice to drop their charges now while they're fighting for mccarthy's freedom let's take
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a moment to call out ice on how badly they really heard this on up first of all all the teen it t.v. networks stream their own shows so ice is going to have to explain to me how any other web page doing the same thing makes it illegal then mccarthy isn't guilty of any kind of copyright infringement unless you count the act of linking a web page which would then mean that anybody who sends a link to another person would be committing a criminal offense and in that case everybody would be guilty this is just the latest example of ice in the homeland security department overreaching and their attempts at attacking anyone who's threatening hollywood's billion dollar profits it's wrong and once again they've gone too far with this desperate power grab so hopefully efforts to free mccarthy will prove successful and force ice to rewrite their methods of attacking websites and work domains. a battle has broken out amongst media royalty or at least i'm pretty sure that's the way that both bill keller editor of the new york times and arianna huffington of the huffington post
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feel about themselves these campaigns you quite the comical and snarky tit for tat but let me give you the play by play if you aren't up to speed bill keller release a column in the new york times have which praised how important and influential he is on this great planet of ours all according to forbes vanity fair and even woody allen but more importantly he expressed his this day in four aggregators websites to repackage the work of other journalists and then take away revenues that quote might otherwise be directed to the originators of that material in somalia keller wrote that would be called private piracy in the media sphere it's a respected business model and according to keller the queen of aggregation is of course arianna huffington whose web site offers nothing more than celebrity gossip adorable kitten videos posts from unpaid bloggers and news reports from other publications i'm going to spare you from any more details but basically arianna defended her website she named the awards that her writers have received the
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various people that have given them props for their original reporting so who wins this battle will join me to discuss the story from our studio in new york is media consultant joel silberman thanks so much for joining us tonight now before we get into the greater implications and what this really means for journalism as a whole do you find this is amusing is that i do. oh yes it was really amusing first of all when you talk to bill keller and revenue in the same sentence i think that's what amused me the most since when is his concern taking away revenues i thought as an editor his concern was editorial but that's just the beginning of how this amuses me these two fighting it out is so ridiculous first of all isn't bill keller the one that we associate with saying yes to judy miller until he said no to judy miller to my right well that's all you know if you give bill keller here is also i think he was trying to be funny at the beginning of the article but it didn't really come off it that way because you know no no no that
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didn't work it's probably he starts naming how vanity fair is named one of the fifty most influential people in the world that you know anything he does or doesn't do seems to be an event and he kind of you know criticizes people for being obsessed with media personalities and at the same time the rest of his piece is devoted to attacking another media personality which is arianna huffington well as you know i come from the theaters or me thinks the lady doth protest too much you know i can't help but think mr keller i've asked all of my friends do you know who bill keller is and nobody knew the oh i guess they don't read the lists. i'm sure that he would be absolutely heartbroken to hear that but then let's get into you know some of the meat of this story too because bill keller talks arianna huffington for saying that her web site is just fluff that they have you know entertainment news that they have videos of cute kittens all mixed in with perhaps a little bit of original reporting and arianna seems to completely ignore that fact
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she you know she only talks about the original reporting and the the accolades the journalists that work for her have received but let's be honest there's a lot of fluff there's a lot of entertainment there are a lot of cute kitten videos there. and let's be honest about it huffington post has made their bones in terms of page views and in terms of how popular they are based on culture not necessarily based on politics because politics leads culture i mean culturally it's politics politics does not lead culture and already on and knows this and that's why she was so successful that she could do this merger i don't take anything away from her i also don't consider her to be the editorial board of the new york times that's why this is so funny to me so they're both wrong and that's interesting already of though deserves a little bit more respect on this one because she's worked very hard it is a battle of new and old media and the times unfortunately is old media here and
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they've been playing catch up ball for a long time two thousand and eight they saw a very badly managed balance sheet and they had a really rough time so they're really fighting about revenues and this is really not about bill keller's fame this is about the fact that arianna is eating into the pool and new media is catching up but what do you say about these about you know aggregator web sites they just take other people's i mean personally i think that i have a little bit more of an issue with the fact that arianna huffington has an army of nine thousand unpaid contributors they can write for her not that they might steal someone else's work who is getting paid for that job somewhere else and give it more exposure. i'm not so concerned about the aggregation model or the giving exposure i'm like yourself more concerned about the number of people who did not share in the profits of the merger and who wrote now i get it you write for arianna huffington and you actually are getting that platform and she's giving you some
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famous along with that and what the platform does and in exchange you're giving yourself away but she just gave herself away for a lot of money and nobody except her and the staff i don't know to what extent participated in that so there's a little bit of a disconnect here and certainly if it's the a gala tarion left which seems to be moving to the center but let's not talk politics now you mentioned before that perhaps some people you know didn't even know who built there was when you mentioned the name but i'm sure that anybody out there would know the new york times if you mention the and bill keller does come up it's so self-important but if you look at the way that you know the narrative is shaped in this country whatever the news story might be arianna huffington and bill keller sometimes more powerful than the president himself absolutely and that's the problem with our media culture you and i have discussed this a lot and it's really about the culture of celebrity bill keller is trying to
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inject himself into a culture of celebrity by talking about his vanity fair list or his forbes list already on his already in the culture of celebrity she's a regular on all of the talk show circuit and it's already on his name it's not called the x y z post it's the huffington post and she knows that and she knows what she's selling billick bill keller is the come from behind position if you can imagine that for the new york times which is a brand but not of random a layer of personalities the new york times speaks through words not through individual personalities and we're in celebrity land. our joe i want to thank you very much for joining us and i think that you and i are in agreement here that i think both sides blew you know what could have been a broader argument about where journalism is going today really just turned into a tit for tat between the media royalty as they like to call themselves thanks so much thank you. a newly elected tea party member in new hampshire is made
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a few comments that are so politically correct you see one of the newest members of the state house is ninety one year old martin hardy elected into office what the hell from the tea party and yes he is a freshman and he is ninety one years old now even though hardy is probably about forty years older than your typical freshman state politician he clearly knows how to stir things up tea party style when hardy received an e-mail from a concerned constituent over a budget cut proposal to take money from mental health services his response was really surprising and really really really horrible hardy not only thought that it was acceptable to cut the mental health budget but he also replied with the following comments. to populated. people. full disclosure we do not know for sure what hardie's voice sounds like that's just a reenactment but clearly this world war two veteran has a different viewpoint the most people today when it comes to health care but when
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he took his commentary one step further that's when my job really dropped. i wish we never shared billion sure we could ship them all off to for each to death and dying clean up the population. ship them to siberia is this guy ok in the head we just for the record when the state legislator was confronted by the media about those statements he didn't apologize and in fact he went on to say that at his age he should be allowed to say whatever he thinks no matter what the topic is i'm sorry but just because you're ninety one that doesn't give you a pass on everything and here's another interesting tidbit to add to this gem of a story in a recent interview with the concord monitor hardy admitted that he sometimes has no clue what he's doing he also says that the first few times he voted he didn't know exactly what he was voting on why out let me take of all of it to address the tea party members in new hampshire who elected this man into office what were you
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thinking let's be honest a ninety one year old is going to have a much different viewpoint when it comes to politics than say a forty or fifty year old not to mention he may not have any idea about what's going on around him i know you guys are all about being conservative but i think there should be some sort of an age cutoff and this is his response when it comes to mental health i just cannot wait to see what his opinions are on other topics like women's health or gay rights but if we do hear them be sure that we will have another voice over by so what do we think maybe might sound like party so we go to a party you really know how to take a. let's face it the individuals are second class citizens in this country they're expected to pay taxes to do jury duty and yet most states same sex marriage is not allowed i'm currently heated debate is taking place on capitol hill over the defense of marriage act that federally bans same sex marriage recognition now one new yorker jonathan the love it says
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challenge his civic duties based on the system's inequalities all being considered for jury duty when the question came up of who could not be impartial lovett's raised his hand and said since i can't get married or adopt a child in the state of new york i can't possibly be an impartial judge of a citizen when i am considered a second class one in the eyes of its justice system now leavitt's not only got himself out of jury duty it's also combinations attention he's one of the stars of an upcoming series on logo called set up and he joins me from our studio in new york now jonathan thanks so much for joining us now tell me the truth that you plan to make this political statement ahead of time when you are going and being selected for jury duty or just trying to get jury duty. well thanks so much for having me i only wish i had the wherewithal to plan this ahead of time of us lee i was shaking out of my skin when they asked but it was just what my gut told me to
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say it was the first thing that came to mind after i said it i almost couldn't believe it but the room around me was thrilled that i had they gave me several pas and people gave me some handshakes what it was all over of course were some of the reactions were there was to be expected but it was really quite pleased with how that turned out and everything that's come with it says what were some of those other reactions that people that were in congratulating you know. well there are the requisite roles and that sort of thing but i can't i can't begin to tell you how positive the reaction has been i mean this story got picked up from a simple post i put on facebook and it went around the world in a day a friend of mine who owns justin plus one dock a great blog put it out there just for fun and within hours it had gone international i have now received it sent back to me in several different languages full of comments from people around the world saying that this is the right stance and this is the next big movement that we all need to take a part of how have you done any you know political action in the past or you know
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what was this your first time. this is my first time doing anything really like this i've always been a supporter of equality and gay rights across the board but something i've come to realize is it's very easy to applaud and cheer in a room full of people that understand you like minded people are like minded for a reason it's when you have the attention of a roomful of people who don't share your views that you can really start a dialogue that can lead to some serious change and that's what i think is starting to happen i've heard from several people now that this is becoming a trend there are others who are now saying what i have said while being in the jury selection tool and it's working it's getting the attention of the justice system and we can only hope that that spreads to legislators and they realize we're not going to sit by idly while you continue to relegate us to second class citizen status now same sex marriage is now you know has been allowed in
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a number of states but it's still nowhere near being politically accepted in the country as a whole and even the obama administration you know even though this president now has said that they won't defend the defense of marriage act any longer but mamma himself hasn't really come out and made a strong stance on same sex marriage so how does that make you feel you know when even the president himself don't support gay rights all the way. it's disappointing that our president hasn't come out fully in support of gay rights he's make and he's made phenomenal strides forward and we can really appreciate what he has done and asking the justice department to stop defending cases that are currently pending and going forward but more is required and there are people who i'm sure are going to be very disappointed with hearing that but the status quo isn't working progress is needed change is needed it's two thousand and eleven the time for equality is right now you know one of the arguments that we so often hear too
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when it comes to opposing same sex marriage are are those family values aachen republicans that talk about the sanctity of marriage and yet so many of these people have been married numerous times so many of them have a lot on a list of infidelities. on their records and a couple of them are even going to be running for president now in two thousand and twelve do you feel like that's a little bit hypocritical. do we expect anything less i mean hypocrisy just seems inherent on that side of the argument but that's part of the fun of all of this and that should absolutely play into the dialogue i have received countless e-mails in the past week from couples around the world who said you have given us a voice you have stood up and said what we wish we could have said twenty years ago i received an email this morning from man who said he and his partner have been together for thirty five years and have never really saw a desire to be activists but now they feel like they should and i can only hope
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that when the election season comes around more people feel that way and get out in front of the hypocrisy of the other side when they want to throw down moral judgments against marriage equality when we all know how unbelievably they have acted in their own marriages now i know that i you're an actor you have a new show coming out and you've also just got a huge boost in your celebrity status thanks to this story so are you going to use that to you know be more politically active or are you going to make it second class citizen t. shirts with your face on them now. you think that would sell i'm so i'm so honored with the amount of people who have encouraged me to continue pushing forward with activist work i never said i would be one i'm just a young gay man who saw some inequality in the state and the country and said sorry i can't sit idly by for this anymore and i am thrilled to see so many people joining me and wanting to take the next step forward towards equality john and i
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want to thank you very much for joining us telling us about your story and i like that like what you did. well thank you so much for having me thanks. also to come on tonight's show jan brewer has another awkward moment of silence in public or to show you the latest embarrassing gaffe inside schools i'm segment and sending mixed messages u.s. vice president joe biden has been in moscow praising russia on other u.s. officials makes comments that sound like the days of the cold war so what's with the mixed messages more on that in just a moment. let's not forget that we are in the fourth party right now. i think. he'd be on the well. we.


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